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Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Business success depends on your team getting it right.

“It’s Alive!” Research has shown that high performing teams actually represent a complex dynamic system vs. the typical linear project management process in which we normally envision them. These high performance teams as dynamic “alive” systems – require the ability of all members to consciously respond to changes in the moment. These dynamic systems thrive in an open system of receptive, emotionally intelligent, interconnectedness, often immersed in a Coach Approach Management Model. Let us help you succeed by developing practices and behaviors that support your team’s movement into a state of thriving and high performance with the following programs.

Team Coaching

We offer a team-coaching program that is designed to transform teams and their leaders through a sustainable process that goes beyond a typical team-building event. The process is oriented around a “stretched” goal that is meaningful to the organization’s success and includes the role of a certified coach who supports the team leader as well as the entire team. This process can be a rewarding experience for any team leader that wants to accelerate his or her team’s performance.  Using real business goals along with the coaching can create substantial transformation in the team’s ability to perform through collaboration, commitment and celebration.

Emotional Intelligence for High Performing Teams

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an essential tool for teams that want to thrive, while avoiding the behaviors that put teams in failure or stuck mode. There have been many studies around the factors that make up high performing teams. Findings conclude that the relationship between emotional intelligence and achieving the desired end result is key for successful teams.

We use the EQ-i, 2.O assessment as a strategic tool to enhance the learning experience, by increasing awareness and inviting participants to claim their unique place in the team as powerful collaborators and contributors.

An EQ team approach:

  1. Helps you to understand that your response is a choiceEQ-i 2.0
  2. Supports seeing that we are part of a larger whole with unique gifts
  3. Clarifies how you will best contribute to the success of the team
  4. Initiates cultural change by moving to a collaborative model
  5. Increases overall performance capacity through connectivity
  6. Creates resilience strategies for teams faced with a challenges

Executive Team Profile Analysis

This provides an assessment of the strength and balance of your current leadership team. We facilitate a Core Values Index (CVI) assessment of each member of the senior leadership team along with a review of past performance relative to goals and objectives for the company and for each person over the past few years.

Then we help the team to clarify current strategies for company development over the coming few years, specifying the new challenges, different nature of individual assignments and whether the composite profile for each executive is a match for these assignments.

The end result is a more focused team with clear identification of challenges for each person and a strategic leadership plan that guides the CEO in further development of each team member. We also identify team weaknesses such as too little action/results energy and too much assess/solve energy.

We guide the CEO in deciding whether to hire new team members, reposition and re-commission existing team members and where administrative support positions may be warranted. This is typically a half or full day, client-site event, a very powerful and success-creating process that has a tremendous and beneficial impact on the team and company.

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