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Coaching & Consulting Service, Ensuring Continued Success



We are here to help you drive better results by providing you with the evidenced based tools, and the professional practical support you need for improving personal and organizational effectiveness.

We use assessments to provide data that facilitates our conversations, goals, etc. – ensuring that leaders, teams and businesses have experiences inside and outside their coaching sessions that help them achieve success.

We want to offer our clients the benefit of making a choice between, purchasing our services separately in an a la carte fashion, or in one of the packages in which we bundle multiple service sessions. This results in an economy of scale, which is passed along to the client as a costs savings to you.

For Leaders

Power up for success in 90 days


  • EQ-i, 2.0 assessment
  • EQ profile debrief with your coach
  • One hour, one-on-one follow up coaching sessions with an ICF Certified Coach.
  • You will be invited to establish 2-3 SMART goals for living into your full potential by raising your EQ.

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Leadership coaching – Metrics for Success

Includes: (3) 90 minute accountability to the plan’s metrics for success sessions:

Three sessions: Initiation, Midpoint and Completion.

  1. Initial establishment of Vision/Goals, and agreement on metrics for success,
  2. Mid point check-in with stakeholders for feedback.
  3. Final Completion/ Outcome session and measurement of success with the individual and stakeholders.

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Executive Coaching Engagement

Creating a foundation for Your Success.


  • (3) 55-minute telephone conversations per month.
  • Any number of flash calls and email exchanges during the engagement.

Frequency of Contact: 12 calls over 4 months.

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For Teams & Organizations

Please contact us to facilitate an individual plan. We will tailor your needs with our research; assessments and coaching approach to ensure your team and organizational goals are successfully realized.