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Our Clients

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

“I started working with John Crosby on February 18, 2008. Coming into it I was dealing with a variety of pretty serious workplace related issues tied to the sagging economy. The work with John allowed me to see that what I have to offer and that became the basis for creating a new reality around my vision for success. It also gave me the means for dealing with the stress as I’m feeling it in the moment, so that I can see more clearly. The time with him has provided me with insight into what makes me tick as well as a vision for taking me in the direction that I am now headed. I am more confident in my role as a leader in the company and in my future.

As a result, I have brought much of what I have learned into conversations with my partners and employees in terms of looking ahead with more clarity and conviction. I communicate more clearly knowing that there is somewhere I am going that benefits both them and me. The work has given me more hope about my future and clarified for me what I really want out of my profession and from people around me.”

~ Thomas, President

“I received more than I was promised from both a tactical and strategic perspective.  Dennece proactively anticipated potential issues and we discussed how to avoid them. Our work together went very smoothly even when I ‘d throw her a curve ball. Very please with the quality and will hire Intuitive Directions again.”

~ Steve, Management Consultant

“Working with Crosby has really enabled me to really live my professional life according to my vision of how “I” see it. He has helped me to sort through what other peoples expectations have layered on top of me so that I can now better understand and trust my own instincts and how I can use them effectively to address some real tough work related issues. Crosby has helped me remember to listen to and put my trust in my best instincts and build more clarity around who I want to be. By tapping into these instincts and skill sets that have served me well in the past I feel that I have been able to use them to make me the success that I am today.”

~ Matt, Principal and Office Leader

“I hired Dennece to overcome some major challenges I was facing when I was launching a new business. Needless to say I made a great choice because of her expertise, creative thinking, and encouragement. She is a great listener and was invaluable in helping me overcome major obstacles. I highly recommend her to those looking to overcome challenging business or personal goals.”

~ Matt, Sales Executive and Consultant

“My sessions with John have helped me a great deal. When i first met John I had just lost my job and was filled with a great deal of anxiety about the situation. I feel that I’m in a much better place now because he helped me to realize to trust in myself. My anxiety issues have almost completely gone away and if I start to feel anxiety the techniques that he taught me right come back for use in restoring a sense of trust in my ability to manage the situation. I feel more in balance with my emotions and more comfortable with what is happening around me. I’m not as afraid to do what I want to do. He has truly enhanced my quality of life with the way that I think (more clearly). His insights helped me to think differently about my situation and I subsequently received several job offers. I am now employed and in a great job, working with people that I truly enjoy being with. I am forever grateful and feel that I am in a place where I can accept this gift that John brought to me.”

~ Lona, Senior Project Designer

“Dennece has a solid business background combined with a strong intuition about what question or tool will help her coachee move forward. She is an excellent listener and provides acknowledgement and inquiries that make me feel supported and ready to tackle the next challenge. Dennece has coached me for several months through some very challenging professional and personal situations. She asks thought provoking questions that cause me to dive deep, reflect and look for new possibilities. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone wanting a talented, professional, compassionate coach.”

~ Joanne, HR Director and Leadership Coach

“John is a highly intuitive, creative and intelligent person capable of being fully present, that is, giving his full attention and focus to those he is working with. He is also a good businessperson who knows his stuff!”

~ Margie, Executive and Mentor Coach

“I am pleased to recommend Dennece McKelvy as a senior coach and business consultant.  Over the years that I have known and worked with Dennece, I have found her to be not only extremely competent, but also deeply intuitive.  She is a compassionate and perceptive coach with the ability to engage people, put them at ease and to draw them into an analysis of their concerns and issues.  She is an outstanding facilitator who draws out individuals in order for them to assess how best to resolve issues.

Dennece quickly analyzes business problems and her dedication and desire to drive success in organizations make her a key contributor in the development of a business and its leadership.  I highly recommend Dennece.”

~ Gary, CEO

“I was fortunate to work with John at DLR Group. We were on the same “team” during consecutive, “Team Building” sessions pertaining to the company’s goals of improving their corporate culture. These team building exercises gave me the opportunity to truly be able to experience, and value John’s commitment to coaching people to focus on their own personal fulfillment, which will lead them to greater business and professional success. John is a true example of taking risk and being the best, rather than settling for the status quo. His vision gives people fresh energy to move forward in their lives, purposefully.”

~ Jannell, HR Generalist

 “I just want to say, thank you for assisting me with my new career path.  I was able to find my dream job as a trainer with a great company and great pay with your advice and coaching. Not only did your advice help me obtain my dream job, it also assisted me in obtaining my first point of sale for my small business.  Words cannot express how grateful I am and how your imprint will stay with me forever.  Thank you for stress free living and supporting my dreams.”

~ Ann, Educational Consultant

“Dennece has become an important part of a facilitation team for several events managed by Veer Consulting. Her commitment and presentation speak well of her abilities as a professional facilitator, ensuring that the standards for specific, detailed performance guidelines are upheld. I hope to be able to call upon Dennece as similar projects arise. A very impressive team member.”

~Dave, Consultant and Facilitator

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