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We operate with the knowledge that all progress happens at an individual level, and each individual holds an untapped reservoir of potential. Our coaching approach to creating success puts into place a framework for supporting your working these potentials out to their fullest, in real time.

It is our desire to provide the support for what you want to become, and that it becomes your new reality. Inspirational Leadership: developing loyalty and commitment in others by articulating an appealing vision of the future, displaying self confidence, demonstrating courage and conviction, communicating high expectations, and setting an example in one’s own behaviors.

A Strategy for Leadership Success.

We are here to help you create balance and to avoid burnout by optimizing your ability to best contribute to your success. We feel that better understanding your own unique nature is the best way to understand how you can make the best contribution and to ensure that you will experience long term satisfaction in your job. Surveys suggest that 35-40% of all energy available at an individual level is held in reserve and only released when the individual feels an innate personal connection to the underlying values associated with the assignment.

We operate with the knowledge that each of us holds an untapped reservoir of potential. With the Core Values Index (CVI), we put into place a process for supporting your working your potentials out to their fullest. What would it mean to you if you could leverage that untapped potential? We utilize a variety of assessments that will help you focus on identifying what is satisfying or fulfilling about the work you do, rather than on determining whether or not you are capable of doing the work.

The end result is a more focused plan for moving forward, with clear identification of challenges for achieving your strategic leadership plan. We may also identify areas that may require more action/results energy and less assess/solve energy. We will guide you in deciding whether to hire new team members, reposition and re-commission exiting team members and where administrative support positions may be warranted. This is typically a very powerful and success-creating process that has a tremendous and beneficial impact on the leader, the team and company.

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  is the single biggest predictor of performance success in the workplace, with successful leaders tending to have significantly higher Emotional Intelligence.

This report offers insight into how your EQ-i 2.0 results can help strengthen your leadership skills. It does this by providing you with a snapshot of how your EI compares to that of other leaders and insight into your leadership strengths and potential areas for development. Your results on the EQ-i 2.0 will be examined through four key dimensions of leadership: Authenticity – Insight – Coaching & Innovation.

  1. EQ360 logoCustomizable Flexible Framework: No one knows your role like you do, and the value of the report is enhanced by framing it within your ownindividual context. Integrate the specifics of your organization with the information in this report to derive the most value from it.
  2. Insights into Leadership Success: Understand how EQ can impact leadership success. Come to know the areas that may hinder leadership success.Explore best practices and strategies for the challenges that leaders are facing today.
  3. Strategies for Leadership Development. Work with your coach to determine which areas of focus will help drive the leadership results you are looking for. You can treat these areas of focus as building blocks that strengthen broader leadership skills like mentoring, communication, or conflict resolution.

Leadership & Execution Management

Giving leaders confidence – knowing that their plans are being executed and driving the results that they promised. Achieve the results you desire with the Execution Management System. What would it mean, to close the gap between wishfully thinking about achieving your desired results, and it actually happening?

Our results based approach helps you to create a culture where execution becomes a core competency.  We do this with a software process that links planning to implementation, on an individual basis in real time.

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