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Hiring Strategy

Hire The Right Person

Right Fit 4 Right Job

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It states that 80% of the work being done in a organization is done by the A & B players, who comprise only 20% of the workforce.

As a result of the 80/20 Rule, we find that most companies operate at less than 33% human capital efficiency.

We help our clients in making the right strategic hires:

  1. What is your current employee hiring practice and how is it aligned to creating greater efficiency?
  2. What would your company look like if you only hired A and B performers? What would it mean to the bottom line?
  3. What would it mean in terms of your investment if you could increase the likely hood that your strategic hire is the right fit for the job, by only interviewing candidates that have profiles that match the assignment?

The end result of the Right Fit 4 Right Job facilitated hiring process (which includes a Core Values Index for every employee involved in the hiring process) is a reliable return on investment that you can expect by aligning employees’ Core Values with the work that is required. In this facilitated process we match the nature of the individual assignment and whether the Core Values Nature of each candidate is a match for these assignments.

This results in vastly increasing the odds that you will make a good hire, improves human capital efficiency and drops directly down to the bottom line. The goal is to create a prescription on how to use everyone at his or her highest and best contribution.

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