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Guided Discovery Process

Guided Discovery Process

Create a Business Breakthrough Strategy

What would it mean for you to see clearly – a vision that holds the promise of what you wish to become – knowing that you have the confidence that your strategic plan is going to be executed successfully?

We understand how your day-to-day challenges can keep you from seeing the larger picture and effectively communicating that to your employees.  That is why we created a structure for you, connecting the big picture strategy to day-to-day activity. Helping your employees truly understand the future direction of the organization and how they contribute it it’s success. Our architecture for success puts into place a process for strategic thinking and strategic practice within an organization. We will engage your ability to frame your vision for a winning outcome for both you and your business.

Our co-creative Guided Discovery Process, places an emphasis on creative thinking around an integrated set of choices, that are weighed alongside both the internal external factors influencing your organization. Our goal is to help you make decisions for today that will drive successful outcomes for the future.

This process will revitalize the creative power of your team, while engaging leadership in collectively determining what you really want, and how you are going to achieve it.

We will work with you to create an effective rollout of the strategy once the plan is place, by providing the tools that you will need for successfully executing your winning strategy.

Realize Your Mission and Successfully Execute Your Strategy

With the help of your idea partner, Continuummm, your vision can be realized. Our Guided Discovery Process closes the gap between good intentions, what you want to have happen and it actually happening. Together we will engage in a process of collectively creating what you want, how you’d like to interact with it, and what you can do to make it happen.Guided Discovery Process

Guided Discovery Process: Discover+Design+Develop+Deploy = Deliver what you Desire. (Click on the Guided Discovery Process image to the right to enlarge.)

  1. Discover: Identify who you really are and what you really want.
  2. Design: Explore new ways to achieving that.
  3. Develop: Mentor/motivate your talent by measuring/monitoring their execution of the strategy.
  4. Deploy: Rollout of the Execution Management tools to make that happen in real time.
  5. Deliver: With outcomes based framework for getting the results you desire.

Scenario Planning

A technique for identifying external factors that could potentially shift the organization and its focus.  Scenarios are derived from research and analysis that help the executive team make resilient strategic decisions and plausible plans for the future.  It is an extension of a company’s strategy with the focus on key factors that may disrupt the current business environment.

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