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What is Coaching?
Coaching is a professional co-creative partnership that is designed to facilitate the discovery, clarification, creation and development of personal, or professional goals. Within this partnership it is understood that the coach holds the client to be a creative, resourceful and whole human being, and as such, it is up to the client, to develop and carry out the strategies and action plan to reach the desired goals that may be identified. In this capacity the client commits to being fully invested in the process and promises to fully utilize the coaching partnership for their own growth and learning.
What might a coaching conversation cover?
Coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve and integrate all areas of life, including work, health, relationships, recreation, etc.
Who is responsible for or for guaranteeing an outcome?
Within the context of the coaching engagement the client understands that they have free will and are fully responsible for any actions or inactions they may make to achieve their goals.
What if I find that I am uncomfortable with the process?
The process of coaching can at times take people out of their comfort zone in order to facilitate growth and breakthroughs. If in the course of the coaching engagement you feel that you are uncomfortable heading in a certain direction or discussing certain subjects, it is up to you to bring it to the coach’s attention.
How might I share information or insights that occur while in a coaching with a supervisor?
You are aware that you can determine along with your coach which information may be shared with your manager/stakeholders from any of the coaching sessions. You can choose to craft these communications with your coach. All other personal content is strictly between your coach and the client, and will remain confidential.
Why would I want to share information with my supervisor and or other stakeholders?
Information can be used by supervisors and, or stakeholders for professional growth purposes and for measuring whether you have achieved a successful outcome.
Is personal information that is shared in coaching confidential?
All personal content is strictly between you and your coach, and will remain confidential.
Is coaching therapy and/or counseling?
Coaching is not a substitute for personal or professional counseling, consulting, mentoring, or for legal or medical advice. Should you need additional support in these areas, you should contact the HR Department, seek outside support or ask your coach for a referral.
What if I miss a coaching engagement?
You agree to be on time for all of the coaching sessions. If an urgent need to reschedule arises, it is required that you call/contact the coach at least 24 hours in advance. The coach will extend you the same courtesy, and will work with you to reschedule in a timely manner.

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