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Men & Women in the Workplace

I’ve recently been trained to administer the EQ-i, 2.0 assessment, which has opened a big door onto what to date had been rather murky territory – Emotions and the role they play in our being effective managers and leaders in the workplace. The EQ assessment gives someone a readout of data on their own unique Emotional Intelligence profile. This has been a a fantastic way for me to discuss a subject that has often been off limits, especially for men in the work place – in case anyone hasn’t noticed, men just don’t want to discuss emotions. The EQ-i, 2.0 assessment has changed all of that by turning the discussion into one of reviewing data, and men love to talk about any thing data related – this is their sandbox where they love to play, because it is the realm of that which ...

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room

In defense of all of the managers and leaders out there who are “dancing as fast as they can”, I would also like to suggest, that in these change challenged times, there may be another reason we just don’t see that gorilla. Often times in business we become so preoccupied with the hundreds of details and ongoing crisis of the moment, that we no longer see the forest for the trees, and if so, have probably lost sight of the big picture and how we support the strategic plan.

Consider this, our minds are complex instruments that at times play tricks on us. Have you ever been so focused upon one thing only to look up afterward to find your environment changed unbeknown to you?

If there are any Doubting Thomas’ out there who don’t believe that this is possible, check out ...


With the help of your idea partner, Continuummm, the realization of your organization’s vision can be made with intentionality and choice. Our programs are designed to close the gap between good intentions, what you want to have happen, and it actually happening.


We offer a team-coaching program that is designed to transform teams and their leaders through a sustainable process that goes beyond a typical team-building event. Using real business goals along with the coaching can create substantial transformation in the team’s ability to perform through collaboration, commitment and celebration.


It is our desire to provide the support for what you want to become, and that it becomes your new reality. We feel that better understanding your own unique nature is the best way to understand how you can make the best contribution and to ensure that you will experience long term satisfaction in your job.